About Us

OOTD Ideas is a free online catalog of OOTD finds by a group of ladies who share much same interest in online fashion shopping.

Our goal is just straight forward: we want to show the best and trendy OOTD Ideas you can find and buy online. We don’t intend to spam you and show irrelevant outfits that you will not be interested. All that we list in the site are based on our personal fashion preference and on the current fashion trends.

Most of the outfits we listed do give us a small commission whenever you buy them from the check it out link. The OOTD Ideas team regularly list outfits we find and are not being paid in doing so. We do not carry any of the outfits listed on the site, nor do we directly sell. The orders you have in any of these outfits are individually handled by the site where you placed the order.


For inquiries you may send to admin@ootdideas.com